Supporting HR managers’ duty of care to their employees in the region

As a testament to our service quality, our clients include a blue-chip collection of oil & gas companies, other MNCs, insurers/TPAs and government organisations. We provide corporate health solutions for their employees throughout Asia by, providing treatment alternatives and price estimates from various Singapore hospitals, and issuing Letters of Guarantee for cash-less treatment.


Our clients trust us because:


  • Your employees will receive the best medical care in Singapore
  • We reduce HR’s workload by making all the arrangements
  • We help to improve your company’s cost management

      Global insurers
and TPAs



When your employees ask:

  • Who is the best doctor in Singapore for my stomach problem?
  • How much will the procedure cost? How long is the hospital stay?
  • What info does the company/insurer need to cover my treatment?
  • Which hotel is near Mt. Elizabeth hospital?

You will be able to provide:

  • Priority scheduling of medical appointments
  • Doctor recommendations
  • Treatment options, cost and length of stay estimates, insurance pre-clearance
  • Flight and hotel reservations (preferred rates)
  • Evacuations by air ambulance
  • Immediate assistance via 24-hour helpline

In Singapore


When your employees ask:

  • Can someone accompany me during my medical appointment?
  • If my flight arrives late, how do I get to my hotel?
  • Do I need a visa to enter Singapore?
  • Will insurance cover my treatment?
  • Or can my company issue a letter of guarantee?
  • Which is a good restaurant in Singapore?

You will be able to provide:

  • Assistance with hospital admissions
  • Concierge: car transfers, language translation, patient accompaniment
  • Visa arrangements
  • Letters of guarantee for cash-less medical treatment
  • Insurance claims info
  • 24-hour standby assistance

During recovery


When your employees ask:

  • What if I have complications or additional questions for the doctor?
  • How do I order more medicines?
  • Can I get a medical report for my insurance claim?

You will be able to provide:

  • Follow-up appointment scheduling
  • Additional questions to the doctor; medical reports and test results
  • Payment and insurance claims assistance
  • Invoice reviews for cost containment