Insider’s Guide: Concord International Hospital

The Singapore Concord International Cancer Hospital (CCH) is the only hospital in Singapore named as a “Cancer Hospital”. The FDA approved drugs can be used almost immediately in Singapore, with only a difference of a few months. Patients can get the latest international anti-cancer drugs at a reasonable price at CCH. For example, the FDA approved thePD-1 inhibitor, navolizumab, for clinical application in April 2015. The Chinese Food and Drug Administration has not yet to approve the medication. The Singapore CCH has administered the drug to a patient with tumour, under professional expertise, at a reasonable price. Singapore CCH also has world-class medical technology equipment. At present, the hospital has a total of 31 beds, including the ICU ward, day surgery beds, and chemotherapy beds. There are also two international standard operating rooms.   According to our understanding, the following are the selling points of the hospital:  
  • Cancer Diagnosis Expertise
Singapore CCH is the only cancer hospital in Singapore. The hospital’s oncology examination, diagnosis and treatment mainly focus on: lung cancer, breast tumour, digestive system tumour, gynaecological tumour, male genitourinary system tumour, and melanoma. The Concord International Group and MD Anderson Cancer Centre in United States signed a series of exclusive long-term strategic development agreements. According to these agreements, MD Anderson Cancer Centre will provide support and cooperation to Singapore CCH in the fields of medical care, nursing, scientific research and education. Singapore CCH has ownership of advanced proton therapy (an advanced radiation therapy) at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre. While is currently not available in Singapore, if the patient needs it, Singapore CCH can allow the patient to receive the treatment directly at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in the United States.  
  • Comprehensive Treatment
The multidisciplinary treatment model involves doctors from various disciplines discussing a case and formulating the best treatment plan for the patient on the based on the opinions of the various disciplines. This model provides for comprehensive treatments of tumours, which is important because any treatment has limitations. For example, surgery can remove malignant tumours, but cannot prevent its recurrence and metastasis.  
  • How can the patient benefit?
Comprehensive assessment of patient cases: Before treatment, detailed assessments are made by doctors from the Department of Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Pathology, Interventional, and Imaging. These assessments will be performed to determine whether preoperative radiotherapy or combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy or post-operative radiotherapy or chemotherapy, or treatment directly in the operating room, without the transfer of specialty. This continuous treatment avoids changing from one treatment to another, saving valuable treatment time.  
  • Continuation of care
Singapore CCH has the largest network of radiotherapy and diagnostic centres in China. It also plans to set up three high-quality cancer hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Even after returning to China, Chinese patients receiving treatment in Singapore can expect smooth handover procedures. Doctors at Singapore CCH can communicate with Chinese doctors and provide post-operative care if needed.  
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