Insiders’ guide: Farrer Park Hospital

Farrer Park Hospital in Singapore is a high-end medical institution with more than 300 academically accredited medical experts and 220 beds. Under the care of more than 600 medical staff, these medical experts provide a wide range of professional services such as cardiology, oncology, orthopaedics, gastroenterology and ophthalmology. The 24-hour emergency service also provides prompt treatment for acute illnesses. The hospital has the most advanced facilities for diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy and clinical trials.

According to our understanding, the hospital has the following three characteristics:


1. Premium healthcare experience: “Hospital + Hotel = Hospitel”

Farrer Park Hospital was officially opened in March 2016, adopting a lifestyle concept that combines medical care and services. This integrated medical service centre, named Connexion, is a unique type of medical hotel concept in Singapore and its region, and it even has a hotel and spa area.

HealthConnexion is uniquely designed for health checks, preventive medicine, and lifestyle enhancements.

In addition:

  • Doctors can use mobile devices at work to contact and check the real-time situation of patients at any time, and they can work anywhere and anytime
  • Lush greenery and gardens to improve the comfort and recovery of patients
  • Patients can enjoy meals and pastries prepared by the hotel’s chef


2. Award-winning hospital

  • “APAC Awards for Best New Hospital of the Year”

The award recognizes the measures taken to maintain the competitiveness of the hospital and provided the greatest consumer experience every contact point

  • “2016 First Global Health and Tourism Award for Success”

This award recognises the hospital in its effort to strengthen its operations and having more training courses to ensure that the quality standards of a five-star hotel are consistently provided to each client.


3. Advanced Technology

Farrer Park Hospital provided a new medical technology in their treatment. Advanced medical technology and the development of treatment methods have also been incorporated into hospital design and organisation structure to improve the quality of patient services.

To date, the hospital has performed 1200 surgeries and 20 successful open-heart surgeries.

With a good record of professional knowledge, they focus on professional skills and long-term rehabilitation. It is worth noting that each room will be fully staffed with nurses and other medical professionals to ensure that each patient receives the highest level of care.

Cancer Therapy: Elekta Versa HD Radiation Technology

  • The technology uses ground-breaking equipment that uses precise radiological technique to target cancer cells very quickly and achieves high success rates.

“The adoption of this technology is a major step forward in Singapore because it can promote higher productivity and efficiency.”

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Cost -effective




Doctor Recommendation:


Dr Tan Yew Oo

·       Served in the Specialist Training Committee of Medical Oncology, Academy of Medicine/MOH, Singapore, Chairman of the National Committee on Cancer Care, Medical Research Council and consultant to the Health Science Authority

·       Teaching Faculty of Medicine at the National University of Singapore (NUS)


Dr Maurice Choo

·       His subspecialty areas of focus are percutaneous coronary intervention, heart failure, valvular heart disease, lipid disorders and hypertension

·       Chairman of the Review Committee for the National Neuroscience Institute


Dr Victor Lim

·       Experienced in various cardiac conditions such as ischaemic heart disease, arrhythmias, valvular heart disease and cardiomyopathies

·       Participated as a speaker or faculty member in various international Interventional Cardiology meetings


Dr Cheng Yew Kuang

·       Specialises in allergy and rheumatology

·       Vice President of Singapore Society of Rheumatology and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine at NUS


Dr Wong Poo Sing

·       Received numerous Clinician Star Awards for providing Excellent Care to his patients

·       Was appointed Director of Thoracic Surgery at The Heart Institute @ National University Hospital in 2001


Dr Au Eong Kah Guan

·       A clinician-scientist active in teaching, research and innovation in many areas of ophthalmology

·       Contributed significantly to advocating for improvement of vision and eye care in Singapore


Dr Eugene Wee

·       Was Head of Clinical Imaging and part of the Senior Management team at NDCS

·       Visiting Consultant at the Changi General Hospital


Dr Hsieh Wen Son

·       Specialises in the treatment of various types of cancers

·       Active in the development of novel tests to diagnose cancer and novel treatments for cancer at the Cancer Sciences Institute of Singapore at NUS

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