Insiders’ guide: Mount Alvernia Hospital

Mount Alvernia Hospital does not enjoy the perks of being in the central shopping district. But the hospital makes up for it by being probably the most affordable private hospital in Singapore with a very high standard of care.

Based on our experience, here are 3 reasons why our clients choose Mount Alvernia Hospital:

1. Mount Elizabeth doctors at a lower cost

There are a handful of well-established doctors that have clinics at both Parkway hospitals and Mount Alvernia Hospital. Patients benefit from the expertise of doctors at Parkway (e.g. Mt Elizabeth, Gleneagles) at lower-priced Mount Alvernia Hospital:

  • Orthopaedics International – Operating since 1995, Orthopaedics International provides cutting edge orthopaedics, neurosurgery and sports medicine through very experienced doctors:
  • Eagle Eye Centre (EEC) – Founded by Dr Lim Wee Kiak and operating since 2006, EEC sees over 24,000 patients yearly. Dr Lim formerly served as Deputy Director of National Healthcare Group Eye Institute and Head of uveitis ocular immunology and inflammation, Tan Tock Seng Hospital. (more information here)

2. Not-for-profit, Catholic private hospital

Little known to many patients, Mount Alvernia Hospital is the only not-for-profit private hospital in Singapore. This means that the hospital is able to reduce its costs because it is not required to pay corporate tax or dividends to shareholders. In turn, the hospital transfers the savings to patients by charging less for the use of its facilities (e.g. rooms, operating theatre and equipment). That is why Mount Alvernia Hospital is noticeably cheaper compared to other popular private hospitals. Moreover, Mount Alvernia Hospital is also the only private hospital that has 6-bedded wards.

According to the Ministry of Health’s average bill sizes for 2014, Mount Alvernia Hospital’s average bill size for medical and surgical procedures are much lower than that of other private hospitals.


*Thomson is a women’s and children’s hospital
(Click here for statistics)

3. Newly renovated (completed in 2014)

Mount Alvernia Hospital has undergone significant upgrades to its facilities.
Notable upgrades include:

  • New 6-bedded wards
  • A new medical centre comprising 50 clinics supported by a dedicated out-patient laboratory
  • Increase in the number of beds from 303 to 400
  • Increase in car park capacity from 230 to 370 lots

The following are some of the common conditions that we have referred our clients for:

  • Orthopaedics

    – Hip, Knee, Spine, Ankle, Shoulder replacement surgery
    – Osteoporosis
    – Bone cancer
    – Cartilage and ligament injuries

  • Eye

    – LASIK
    – Glaucoma
    – Cataract
    – Presbyopia
    – Diabetic retinopathy
    – Cornea transplant

  • Respiratory

    – Asthma
    – Chronic obstructive lung disease
    – Non-invasive ventilation

  • Neurosurgery

    – Brain tumor
    – Cervical spine disorders – Disc disorders
    – Accumulation of fluids in the brain causing abnormal pressure
    – Lower back pain
    – Neck pain and neck injuries
    – Spinal tumors and injuries
    – Stroke
    – Thoracic spine disorder

  • Heart

    – Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) – Balloon angioplasty
    – Stent implantation
    – Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)
    – Implantation of electrical devices – Pacemakers and defibrillators

  • Health Screenings

Approximately 130 doctors operate clinics in Mount Alvernia Hospital. We have previously referred our clients to the following doctors at Mount Alvernia Hospital and feedback has been good:

Professor (Dr) Timothy Lee

Professor Lee is a very senior neurosurgeon specialized in brain tumors and spine disorders. Prior to his current position, he was Director of the Vascular Program, NNI. (More on Professor Lee)


Dr Jim Teo Yeow Kwan

Dr Teo is a respiratory expert specializing in internal medicine, and intensive care medicine. He also chairs the Critical Care Unit and the Operation Theatre Committee. (More on Dr Jim Teo)


Dr Tan Kok Soon

Dr Tan is a senior cardiologist specialized in interventional cardiology. Prior to his current appointment he was Head of the division of Cardiology at CGH. (More on Dr Tan)

Dr Lim Wee Kiak

Dr Lim is founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Clinic. Prior to his current appointment, he was Deputy Director of the National Healthcare Group Eye Institute.(More on Dr Lim)


Dr Chan Beng Kuen

Dr Chan is a specialist in minimally invasive upper limb surgery. Previously he was Deputy Head of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, CGH. (More on Dr Chan)


Dr Patrick Goh

Dr Goh is a senior sports physician and co-chairman of the Sports Medicine Subspecialty Training committee (MOH). (More on Dr Goh)


Dr James Tan

Dr Tan is a neurosurgeon specialized in spinal disorders. Prior to his current appointment, he was Director of the spine program at NNI. (More on Dr Tan)

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