Singapore evacuation experts

Ulink coordinates 2-3 medical evacuations to and fro Singapore every week. We use our experience to bring our patients the fastest response, best outcome and lowest cost.

Evacuation (within 3 hours of activation)

Evacuation (within 3 hours of activation)

Air ambulance departs Singapore. Constant updates 24/7 by assistance centre.

Arrival in Singapore

Arrival in Singapore

Transfer of patient to Singapore hospital via ground ambulance.


No waiting required.

Hospital Admission

Treating doctor on standby to receive patient.

Require Emergency Medical Evacuation?

Require Emergency Medical Evacuation?

Provide Ulink the patient’s conditions, location and required departure time.

Quotation By Ulink (within 20 mins)

Includes private jet, medical team and ground ambulance.


Client accepts quotation and makes payment.

Trusted in times of emergency because...

Most Experienced

2-3 evacuations
per week


Air ambulance, ground ambulance and all permits and approvals

Medical Team

Emergency / ICU-trained doctor and nurse

Case Management

By 24/7
assistance centre


Plane always available at low cost

Ulink is trusted by Clients from over 20 countries

Our international Hotlines

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