Medical Second Opinion Bahasa

1. Why do our clients seek medical second opinions?

  • Don’t have the full picture: medical technology is rapidly advancing and new procedures are becoming less-invasive and more effective. By seeking second opinions you learn about advanced procedures that may not be available in your home country.
  • Knowing more never hurts: especially in situations where you intend to undergo high risk or intensive treatment. Even your doctor knows that he’s not always right.
  • Cheaper alternative: are medical procedures in your home country expensive even for standard procedures? Why stay in a hospital for 3 days, when your condition can be fixed with a simple day case procedure? polskie zakłady bukmacherskie There are many ways to save money in medical care. hracie automaty online

2. What should I expect?

  • Free: most providers charge for a medical second opinion. However, Ulink’s second opinion is free-of-charge. This is because since 1996 Ulink has built strong relationships with the best doctors in Singapore, and we are able to approach them for their insights for our recurring clients.
  • Just the essentials: unlike paid medical second opinions, Ulink’s second opinions may not be as detailed or structured. However, essential information such as the doctor’s diagnosis, recommended next steps and treatment price estimates will be provided. milenium zakłady online
  • No obligations: rest assured that using our medical second opinion service does not place you under any obligation to pay or use our other services. However, if you choose to consult the recommended doctor, our standard US$25 appointment fee may be applicable.

3 .Ulink’s panel of providers

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