Singapore ranked 2nd in healthcare outcomes by EIU

Some observations:

  • Singapore is ranked 2nd (behind Japan) in terms of healthcare outcomes globally
  • In Asia, other countries are ranked: South Korea (15th), China (47th), Vietnam (57th), Malaysia (87th), Indonesia (92nd), Thailand (63rd) and Bangladesh (94th). This explains why many patients choose to travel to Singapore for their higher-end medical needs
  • Moreover, Singapore’s cost/outcome is (US$26.6). This means for each “unit” of quality healthcare, Singapore is approximately 1/3 the price of the US (US$107.8), 3/5 the UK (US$41.3), ½ of Germany (US$55.3) and ½ of Japan (US$47.9); making Singapore much cheaper than the other advanced medical destinations

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